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Our vision is to reinvent and define new forms of travel, combining new forms of energy, with our unique design philosophy. We want to help the world understand the opportunities of the future… now.

Promote the society to accelerate into the electric age, adhere to the vision of “play to the extreme, determine the future by electricity”, create electric products with environmental protection and high performance for everyone, set up a new benchmark for new energy personal transportation, and set off a wave of global new energy revolution

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Performance meets agility

Founded in December 2014, Qiulong technology focuses on the design, development, and production of high-performance electric bikes and vehicles.

We have invested tens of millions into research and development, and in the process have obtained a large number of independent intellectual property rights, with 83 R&D patents.

We independently developed the first mass-produced high-performance electric motorbike in China…the white ghost and worked with the “China Longxin group” for mass production.

More recently we’ve developed and produced a series of lightweight electric off-road bikes (our Light Bee range), with global sales of more than 10,000 bikes.

We’ve also developed a high-performance new energy power platform for multiplatform vehicles.

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Our factory

Located in Chongqing, Qiulong, our science and technology factory has an international AGV assembly line, with more than 100 employees and an annual production capacity of 20,000 units, which is increasing year on year.


Dynamic efficiency

Our factory integrates semi-automatic production, testing, and packaging. Our intelligent production line, efficient on-site management, and strict quality control have laid a solid foundation for excellent product quality. The factory equipment can be easily scaled and lays the foundation for fully automatic production.

image of Sur-Ron HQ

Professional multipurpose testing built-in.

Our R&D workshop is equipped with professional testing equipment for battery, motor, controller, and other power systems to ensure product quality before approval for online assembly.

Our production workshop is equipped with semi-automatic vehicle detection equipment, which can conduct a comprehensive test on performance, noise, and durability, and carry out semi-automatic packing and packing after the inspection is qualified.

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