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Storm Bee

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Performance like you’ve never known it.

Sur-Ron has once again set the new benchmark for high-performance electric off-road motorcycles. Meticulously designed for power, performance and aesthetics, the Storm Bee is a thing of beauty.

Go anywhere

Fully adjustable performance suspension system

Go the distance

The Storm Bee has an impressive range of over 100+KM

Go fast

The Storm Bee even features a “Turbo mode” for them times when you need an extra boost


The Storm Bee boasts a high-performance 47mm inverted front fork with 290mm effective travel and a rear shock absorber with 115mm effective travel. Customised and tuned by Sur-Ron’s top engineering team.

image of sur-ron engine

Next generation power system & unique frame design

The high-strength frame structure and ergonomic frame design has been developed exclusively for the Storm Bee, fully customise-able meaning you can tune it to your specific requirements. The compact three layer arrangement of battery pack, MCU and motor minimises the unsprung weight and balances the Storm Bee, while the 45° steering angle and 1430mm wheelbase enhance manoeuvrability for both on and off road riding.

A new generation of power system and a one-of-a-kind frame design

The Storm Bee's exclusive high-strength frame structure and ergonomic frame design were built for ultimate perfomance.  The Storm Bee's unsprung weight is reduced by the compact three-layer configuration of the battery pack, MCU, and motor, while the 45° steering angle and 1430mm wheelbase improve mobility for both on and off-road riding.

Choose your mode

The Storm Bee has a range of modes to ensure your perfomance is maximised.

Rain mode

For those days you need to keep the torque in check. This will limit the Storm Bee’s power and make use of the built in ASR to stop the wheels spinning out on you.

Eco mode

This will limit the power output to make the bike as efficient as possible meaning you can hit the streets for longer.

Sports mode

Aggression mode! This is the purest form of the Storm Bee and will be the mode that gives you the best and most fun experience.

Turbo mode

Unleash the beast. A mode built purely for the for riders that want to push the Storm Bee to its limits. The motor will output powerful bursts to keep you ahead of the competition.

Reverse mode

A new feature that helps you get out of those tricky spots, it speaks for itself.